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Dr. David Anthony Miranda Looks at the Increasing Prevalence of Specialized Telemedicine

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Dr. David Anthony Miranda Looks at the Increasing Prevalence of Specialized Telemedicine


Dr. David Anthony Miranda

Dr. David Anthony Miranda

A growing trend in the U.S. medical field, telemedicine is today becoming increasingly prevalent in urgent care, according to experienced Texas-based physician Dr. David Anthony Miranda. A general term for a number of rapidly evolving medical sector technologies, telemedicine has seen huge growth in day-to-day medicine in the last decade and has now begun to gain traction within specialized urgent and emergency room care.


Also known as telehealth, telemedicine has quickly spread largely thanks to the convenience afforded to patients, according to Dr. David Anthony Miranda, an experienced urgent care physician based in San Antonio, Texas. “Telehealth technology now offers patients a much quicker way of connecting with their physician thanks to the option of ‘at-home’ consultations,” explains the doctor.


With this in mind, Dr. David Anthony Miranda is keen to stress that emergency rooms and urgent care centers can no longer ignore the telemedicine or telehealth trend, something which has, until recently, he says, be more prevalent in routine care. “Once largely confined to routine medical care, with urgent care traffic on the increase year-on-year, emergency care doctors must begin to embrace the various telemedicine and telehealth offerings now available to specialist doctors and healthcare professionals,” says Dr. David Anthony Miranda.



Specialist Physician Dr. David Anthony Miranda Explores the Rapid Rise of Telemedicine Within Urgent and Emergency Care Fields.


Increased so-called urgent care ‘traffic,’ he says, now demonstrates a significant need for doctors in the field to adopt telemedicine. “Much as increased primary care traffic drove many family doctors to adopt early telehealth solutions, we in the urgent care sector must now follow suit as demand for medical care across the board continues to increase,” explains Dr. David Anthony Miranda.


A recent survey performed by Merritt Hawkins, a Dallas, Texas-based physician search and advanced practice recruiting firm, showed that a push from insurance companies to switch to telemedicine and other telehealth solutions was a major recent driving force in the adoption of the various currently available technologies, according to Dr. David Anthony Miranda.


In line with Merritt Hawkins’ findings, by 2020, it’s estimated that the global telemedicine market will reach a value of more than $36 billion according to market research firm Mordor Intelligence. “A figure of $36 billion,” Dr. David Anthony Miranda points out, “will put the market value at more than double what it was in 2015.”


“As such,” he adds, wrapping up, “telemedicine within urgent care must now be fully embraced by those who specialize in the field, just as it has been by other medical professionals and service providers in recent years.”