David Miranda

Dr. David Anthony Miranda shares highlights from decades in medicine

David Anthony Miranda

Passionate about serving economically stressed and medically underserved communities, Dr. David Anthony Miranda shares his experiences and lessons learned from his career.

Living and working across the U.S. during a medical career spanning almost 30 years to date, Dr. David Miranda is an experienced emergency locum physician. From California to New York, and from Mississippi to Texas, Dr. David Anthony Miranda boasts a particular drive to care for medically underserved, often highly rural populations. In South Mississippi, for example, the doctor worked tirelessly to serve rural, local populations equipped largely without specialty back-up.

“During my years spent in South Mississippi, I honed my ability to become independent in practice, often in the face of adversity,” reveals Dr. Miranda. “This experience, I believe, has benefited me massively in becoming a self-reliant emergency medical professional.”

Prior to qualifying as a physician, and as an undergraduate at UCLA, Dr. Miranda contributed a portion of his free time to volunteer as a science and math tutor, helping to educate disadvantaged high school students in Los Angeles. Moving from L.A. to New York, Dr. Miranda would go on to continue his studies at Cornell University Medical College, later completing a residency at North Shore University Hospital.

It was the doctor’s next move, however, which would help to shape his career and the direction of much of his work. “After completing my residency at North Shore University Hospital, I chose to partake in trauma rotations at Lincoln Hospital,” he reveals.

“Situated in the crime-ridden South Bronx of the 1990s,” explains Dr. Miranda, “I found enrichment in caring for individuals and families from economically stressed and medically underserved areas.”

Dr. Miranda suggests that it was his time spent at Lincoln Hospital which drove him to South Mississippi following his trauma rotations at the South Bronx medical facility. Here, working within rural populations and with strictly limited specialty back-up, the skilled physician was to shape himself into a highly self-reliant emergency doctor.

Following his time in South Mississippi, Dr. Miranda moved west to Texas, going on to work within more than a dozen different emergency departments throughout central, northern, and eastern parts of the state.

Later, and as a result, he was to be approached by a prominent Austin-based provider of emergency medicine, critical care, and OB-GYN services to leading hospital systems. It was then that Dr. Miranda assumed a new role, spearheading the company’s locums division. Already adept at overcoming obstacles and working in trying situations, the physician was tasked with starting up new contracts and turning around existing, distressed agreements on behalf of the organization, something at which he excelled.

Since then, Dr. Miranda has also gone on to become a partner of Fit-Life MD, a physician-owned medical wellness and fitness clinic in San Antonio, Texas. The mission of Fit-Life MD, he says, is to improve the overall health and wellness of patients through individually designed and personalized treatment plans tailored toward general health and physical well-being.

Dr. David Miranda’s personal interests include investing in the stock market, especially publicly-traded healthcare stocks, as well as music, theater, and film.

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