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Dr David Anthony Miranda explores five publicly-traded health care stocks to watch

Dr David Anthony Miranda

Emergency locum physician Dr David Anthony Miranda shares details of five health care stocks to watch going into 2019.

Dr David Anthony Miranda is a partner of Fit-Life MD, a physician-owned medical wellness and fitness clinic in San Antonio, Texas.

A sector which clambered an impressive 23 percent higher last year, publicly-traded health care stocks are increasingly catching the attention of savvy investors. Passionate about serving economically stressed and medically underserved communities, Dr. David Anthony Miranda is one such individual. A highly experienced and respected emergency locum physician, among Dr David Anthony Miranda various personal interests is investing in the stock market, especially publicly-traded health care stocks.

Living and working across the U.S.—from California to New York and Mississippi. During a medical career spanning almost 30 years to date, Dr David Anthony Miranda , now based in Texas. He explores five publicly-traded health care stocks to watch going into 2019.


Founded by several of the scientists who first discovered CRISPR—a highly promising gene editing technology—Editas Medicine, Inc. (NYSE: EDIT) represents what Dr David Anthony Miranda calls a straightforward, compelling opportunity. “The technology being developed by Editas has world-changing potential,” he suggests. Earmarking it as something of an ‘all-or-nothing’ stock, but very much worth exploring.

Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: LGND), a fast-growing $3.4 billion mid-cap drug discovery and development company, should also be of interest, says the Texas-based emergency doctor.


Interestingly, $150 billion biopharmaceutical giant AbbVie, Inc. (NYSE: ABBV) is still widely considered a value stock, according to Dr. Miranda. Incredibly, its dividend has now grown annually for 45 consecutive years according to the company’s financial reporting.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE: REGN) meanwhile represents one of the current best health care stocks to consider going into 2019, according to experts. Anticipating total revenues of $6.39 billion for 2018, 9 percent more than in 2017, and up 204 percent compared to five years ago. Figures from the company suggest further significant revenue growth, says Dr David Anthony Miranda, during the next 12-18 months.

Dr David Anthony Miranda fifth mention, Celgene Corporation (NYSE: CELG) is still recovering from a nasty tumble in 2017, but represents what’s currently a genuinely cheap stock, he says, with good future potential including a suggested possible upside of 115 percent within two years.

The mission of Fit-Life MD is to improve the overall health and wellness of patients. Finally, through individually designed and personalized treatment plans tailored toward general health and physical well-being.

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