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David Anthony Miranda Shares Advice for Seasonal Wellness

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David Anthony Miranda Shares Advice for Seasonal Wellness

David Anthony Miranda

David Anthony Miranda | Maintaining health and wellness is important year-round, but never more vital than during the cold, winter months. From remaining motivated to stay active, to battling the possibility of seasonal bouts of depression, Dr. Miranda explores five ways to remain healthy from now until spring arrives.


“First and foremost,” says Miranda, an emergency locum physician from Texas, “don’t let diet and exercise fall by the wayside.”


Healthy eating habits and maintaining a level of fitness are essential during the winter months according to Dr. Miranda, especially in the fight against colds and flu. “Look for foods high in omega 3 fatty acids which are a natural anti-inflammatory, and eat regular fiber as this is known to boost immune system function,” he adds.


David Anthony Miranda also recommends scheduling exercise ahead of time, perhaps on a weekly basis, and sticking to a routine. “Try to keep this up until spring,” adds the physician.


Next says Dr. Miranda, maintain regular hand washing. “Cold and flu viruses spread rapidly during winter, especially in warm indoor areas such as offices or other workplaces,” he adds. By engaging in regular hand washing, not only is an individual protecting themselves from a bout of potential illness, but they’re also preventing the spread of the same illness or illnesses between others.


Dr. David Anthony Miranda Shares Tips for Staying Healthy

Further to maintaining healthy eating habits, David Miranda also suggests vitamin supplements. “Vitamins C and D are especially good during winter,” he explains, “boosting immunity and countering the effects of the seasonal reduction in daylight.”


Vitamin D is also known to assist in the absorption of other important vitamins, especially helpful during winter.


Fourth, David Anthony Miranda advises focusing on sleep. “Getting adequate rest during winter is important, but it’s a struggle for many due to the changes in daylight hours,” he says. To counter this, the doctor suggests establishing a routine and abiding by it, taking time to wind down before bed and rising at the same time each day until spring comes back around.


Lastly, says Dr. Miranda, get social. “Winter can feel lonely and isolating for many people. So remembering to socialize regularly is a good way to improve mood, boosting feelings of well-being and promoting better overall health,” he adds, wrapping up.


Dr. David Anthony Miranda is a partner of Fit-Life MD, a physician-owned medical wellness and fitness clinic in San Antonio, Texas. The mission of Fit-Life MD is to improve the overall health and wellness of patients. Done through individually designed and personalized treatment plans tailored toward general health and physical well-being. Dr. Miranda’s personal interests include investing in the stock market, especially publicly-traded healthcare stocks, as well as music, theater, and film.

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